Saturday, September 17, 2011

thats what i realized~

first of all, i would like to say thanks to myself because i could learnt it, i could realized it early. practically, i dun understand why sometimes people just  wana be like themselves instead of getting out from their 'colony' and find a new world outside. BE CHANGED, PEOPLE! but hell yeah, it is not easy,peeps. just like ourselves; once we are happy with what we are doin, others will dun stand a change to crop our attentions, am i rite here?

ok, lets get down into business. there is one guy. i love to be friend with him. i hve learnt a lot from him (but i dunno whether he learns something from me or not). he is such a good friend i`ve ever had (thats according to my own perception). But i hve a second though which maybe he is not as good as what i think. u know, we like to look highly upon people which we think more intellectual but actually they are jz 1 step ahead in certain things which we also sometime 2 steps in front in fact, in other things as compared to them.

here he is, loved to be with no commitment, likes to flirt but no engagement. easy pissy,isnt it? but its irritating me ok. im a kinda girl who will not hook up wth anybody without profit. ok,well said "we are friends" but are we looked alike a 'very friend' here?people judge from our behavior. but we? we wana cover what  we think we will embarrassed of it. but we know thats not true. the wrong thing here is we are not open our hearts to look what exactly written there. u know sometimes, hearts speaks louder than ur thoughts but because u are very blind so u dunno 2 whom u are supposed to listen.

thats all.till we meet again. bye2